We truly believe in the holistic education of children and in improving the range of opportunities available to them. We want to nurture them and allow them to flourish by finding things they enjoy and are good at. We want them to become the leaders of the future.

Our mission statement is “strength for today, bright hope for tomorrow”.

The aim of the Trust is to allow schools to become stronger by working together. We are advocates of collaborative working to share expertise, ideas, talents and skills across our partner schools. Where strong leaders and governors join, they will help to shape the future of our Trust and school leaders will join our Trust Leadership Team to help strategically plan developments across our Trust.

The personal, professional, moral, cultural and spiritual development of our staff and children is key to the success of the Trust, of our partner schools and of the individual people who work and learn within the Trust.

Christian values and the exploration and understanding of the Christian faith underpins our work. This translates into our core values of community, integrity, aspiration and hope.


We understand that we are stronger together and value what each and every individual brings to our community. We will work collectively and collaboratively to positively impact our Trust community and the local communities our partner schools serve.


We believe that integrity is a foundational value around which many other qualities and traits are built. It embraces trust, honesty and respect; and encourages a required level of questioning and reflection that leads to personal and professional growth.


We strive to always stretch the limits of possibility for both staff and students within the Trust and our partner schools. We will inspire them to aim high and dream big, developing strong aspirations and a lasting love of learning so that they can thrive now and in the future.


We have high hopes and aspirations for our future, our partner schools and communities. Through our faith in God and each other, together, we know we can turn hope into reality.