We are a new unique Trust, ready to work with schools to support their vision for their community. We live by our values of integrity, community, hope and aspiration and genuinely believe you know your communities best. We want to help you – “stronger together”.

These are just some of the reasons why we believe you should consider joining St Lawrence Academies Trust.

1. Trust and confidence in your professionalism

  • Dynamic and inspirational leaders driving school improvement and transforming for your community.
  • Positive clear and strong learning culture, articulated and lived out by all, that celebrates diversity and builds mutual dignity and respect.
  • Collaborative communities & learning partnerships, built on openness and transparency.

2. Celebrating our schools’ diversity and distinctiveness

  • Ambitious broad and balanced curriculum, underpinned with assessment and pedagogy that supports the holistic development of children.
  • Cherishing the unique distinctiveness of all children, schools and their communities.
  • Monitoring and QA that is intelligent, effective and informative so it promotes shared responsibility and clear lines of accountability.

3. Flourishing in an environment of innovation and inclusiveness

  • Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing fully supported through a joint charter to protect and enhance a healthy work life balance.
  • Pastoral care and support systems for children and families that keeps them safe, well and happy.
  • Building financially stable and resilient schools with robust systems and processes.

4. Brave, visionary leaders with strong ambition for their communities

  • Building leadership capacity by prioritising the professional development of all our staff, delivered through a strong culture of professional learning.
  • Unrelenting high expectations for all children’s outcomes, attendance, behaviours and attitudes.
  • Children are well prepared for modern life with the positive attitudes and skills to become advocates and drivers of change in their communities.